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Intelligent tachograph


Keyword:Intelligent   tachograph   video   driving black box   parking monitoring   Commax

           Tachograph is an instrument that records the image, sound and other relevant information of the vehicle during driving. After installing the tachograph, it can record the video image and sound of the whole process of vehicle driving, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. People who like self driving can also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles. While driving, I recorded the time, speed and location in the video, which is quite a "black box". It can also be used at home for DV shooting, fun of life, or as home monitoring. At ordinary times, it can also do parking monitoring and install tachograph. Video data cannot be cut. If it is cut, it will not be able to provide help after a responsible accident. It is also to prevent the inevitable porcelain touching behavior in today's society.

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Keyword:Intelligent   tachograph   video   driving black box   parking monitoring   Commax